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Wet-lab researchers can make Computational Drug Discovery with OmegaDock right now.

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No need any Computational Experience.
No need for a supercomputer.

Just a PC or a tablet is enough to start an experiment. Review molecule candidates even on your smart phone. And restart experiments with modifications. Download all resulting chemical information as PDB file. The formula is yours.

Configure Your Search

  • Exploitation of great solutions
  • Light or an exhaustive search
  • Exploration of completely new variations

Intelligent Algorithm

Our very own algorithms prioritize the promising compounds and do not spend much time on mediocre variations.

Weeks to Days

Do not waste time and money for traditional docking solutions. Get results pretty fast by AI powered OmegaDock technology.

Redefining Lead Optimization

You don't need manuel docking at all. Lead optimization will be completed by OmegaDock’s Cutting Edge Technology. Yes, this is true. And you can start now.

Artificial Sense

You provide target and your scaffold molecule. We generate candidate molecules on the fly. While we compute molecular docking algorithms faster than ever, your molecules are battle-tested with state of the art docking engines. Artificial Sense of OmegaDock could filter out the useless millons of combinations and in-silico screening results collected in few days even hours.

Endless Possibilities

With using a single scaffold, one can create millions of different combinations. Which one is the best candidate molecule? Is it possible or necessary to test each of them? What if an intelligent algorithm brings you the top performing ones in reasonable time?

Cihan İnan, PhD
Molecular Virolog,
Karadeniz Technical University

"OmegaDock is way much faster than any other software and easy to use for a wet-lab researcher."

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Some labs using OmegaDock

Kadir Has University
Karadeniz Technical University

Pricing For Academic Institutions


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  • 15 experiments per month
  • 1 experiment at a time
  • Single target for each experiment
  • Usually 2 days/exp. completion
  • Email support (3 tickets)
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$4.999 / monthly

$49.990 / yearly
  • 75 experiments per month
  • 3 experiment at a time
  • Multi target for each experiment
  • Usually 1 day/exp. completion
  • Email support (12 tickets)
  • Online Consultancy (2 hours)
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  • You are a corporate or have custom needs?
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