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OmegaDock Molecular Docking Server lets you start docking right now. It lets you to use different docking engines; first and foremost of them is Autodock Vina.

For Autodock Vina Docking Engine, we use the same PDBQT molecular structure file format used by Autodock Vina

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  • Light or an exhaustive search
  • Exploration of completely new variations

Weeks to Days

Do not waste time and money for traditional docking solutions. Get results pretty fast by OmegaDock technology.

1 Target - Many Ligand Docking for Virtual Screening

One to one molecular docking may not take much time. But if you need to dock iteratively, it will be very time consuming.

Many experiments share the same target or includes just couple of different target molecules but vast majority of them includes hundreds or thousands of ligands for a virtual screening.

Use our one to many docking solution to set the target specs ones and apply same settings to all target-ligand pairs.

Many Target - Many Ligand Docking with Selectivity Analysis

If you are planning to check selectivity of your drug candidate, it is good to find selective lead molecules at the beginning of everything.

Your ligand set will be docked to all available target molecules and anly ligand will be promoted if it binds to the prefered target while not binding the undesired target molecule.

Cihan ─░nan, PhD
Molecular Virolog,
Karadeniz Technical University

"OmegaDock is way much faster than any other software and easy to use for a wet-lab researcher."

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Some labs using OmegaDock

Kadir Has University
Karadeniz Technical University

Pricing For Academic Institutions


$0 / monthly

$0 / yearly
  • - 10 experiments per month
  • - 1 experiment at a time
  • - Single target for each experiment
  • - Usually 5 days/exp. completion
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$199 / monthly

$1.990 / yearly
  • - 50 experiments per month
  • - 1 experiment at a time
  • - 1 To Many Ligand Docking
  • - Usually 2 days/exp. completion
  • - Email support
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$799 / monthly

$7.999 / yearly
  • - 300 experiments per month
  • - 3 experiment at a time
  • - Multi target for each experiment
  • - Many Target to Many Ligand Docking
  • - Selectivity Analysis
  • - Usually 1 day/exp. completion
  • - Email support
  • - Online Consultancy (2 hours)
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Custom Needs

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